Missouri Cooperative Hall of Fame

Missouri is rich with cooperatives, cooperative history, new cooperative development and individuals who have made significant contributions to the strength and success of cooperatives.  The Missouri Institute of Cooperatives developed the Cooperative Hall of Fame to ensure a permanent, prestigious recognition for future generations of cooperative leaders with exemplary service and lasting achievements. 




Neil Adams Robert M. Alderson Aaron Bachtel* George Barnitz Bill Blakeslee
W. Hebert Buckallew O.B. Clark Howard Cowden* Dale Creach Steve Davis
William Davis Jerry Divin Lester Evans B.L. "Bud" Frew Vernon Gage
Grover Gamm Ardel Hackman Gary Hanman Fred Heinkel* William Hirth*
Byron Jahn* David Jobe John F. Johnson* Jerry King Arthur Kipping
David Minnick Eugene Murphy Ed Nierman Robert D. Partridge* William (Bill) Powell*
Larry Purdom Russell J. Rosier* Arlen Schwinke* William (Bill) Siebenborn Douglas D. Sims
Frank Stork Bill Stouffer Eric Thompson* Herman Vestal* Thomas White III
Homer A. Young* Ray Young* James E. Zerr    

Special Friends of Missouri Cooperatives

* Posthumous Award